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8mm to DVD transfer. Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Perth, Canberra & the rest of Australia.

Get your 8mm film converted to digital file, hard drive or DVD Disk today!

16mm, 8mm & Super 8mm


Our Regular 8 and Super 8 film transfers are completed using brand new state of the art frame by frame film scanning technology. Every single frame of your film is captured separately and then a flicker free colour enhanced movie is created.

PhotoQ will look after your 8mm film like it’s our own. Our technicians will carefully clean your reels and check them for damage before we start the transfer and resplice any bad joins where necessary. Our high definition frame by frame scanner is belt driven so even damaged sprocket holes are no problem.

Our technicians monitor your film as it transfers and adjust for colour, density and sharpness. We can even offer High Definition 1080p files saved to your hard drive or we can provide a hard drive for you.

Dont have your films transferred using the old telecine method, in the last 2 years film scanning technology has significantly improved and as a result you can expect much better results.

We have a per reel fee and have no extra hidden charges, other transfer business have set up fees and then a per foot fee and extra for sound! We will clean and resplice your film as required with no additional charges.

If your film is literally falling apart then we may quote you to rectify this but this is quite rare.



8mm film was created by Kodak in 1932. It was designed to be a home movie format that was less expensive than 16mm, which at the time cost over $300 to get into, which was a lot back then considering $500 got you a new car. If you're a baby boomer you will most likely have home movies of some sort on 8mm, maybe your wedding? and GenXers there is probably footage of you in your nappies on 8mm somewhere.

You probably haven't seen them for some time, but don’t dig out that old projector! If you don’t remember or don’t know how to set the machine up you will probably damage your film. Plus is can be difficult to get spare parts for these machines now.

Why not get them put onto Blu-ray Disk, DVD disc, hard drive or files and share them with friends and family? Popcorn not included.




8mm to DVD Melbourne




If you would like to know how much it costs to have your 8mm reels transferred to USB or DVD, please ring PhotoQ on (03) 9855 0006 to get a quote.


We don't just transfer 8mm to digital files and DVD. 

We can transfer your old 9.5mm, 16mm reels to DVD disk, file or hard drive and Slides, negatives and prints to CD!

 We can also transfer VHS, S-VHS, Beta, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV and Umatic tapes.


< Here is some sample 8mm
< footage from one of our
< happy customers.


What if I am not near Melbourne?

If you are not near Melbourne don't despair. Just download, print and fill-in our DVD transfer postal order form below and send it to us with your tapes or reels via Express or Registered Post and leave the rest to us. We will ring you when we receive your order to let you know it has arrived safely and arrange payment. You may also include a self-addressed Express Post bag with your order to avoid a postage and handling fee.

Please note: Please do not send us copyright material to transfer to DVD unless you are the copyright holder (proof will be required) or have written permission from the copyright holder (this will be required with your order also).


Click here to download and print our postal order form

Map of Australia showing where people have sent us movies from